fresnochronicle (fresnochronicle) wrote,

The Gardens of Portland

So, since I was like 15, I've worked at the local K-Mart stocking shelves around Christmas. Even when I realized that capitalism was total BULLSH*T, and that the Christmas feeding frenzy just takes us further away from who we were supposed to be, I did it. I made a little money, and plus after Christmas, they would sell us all the seasonal items at a really big discount.
So I ended up getting Chia pets in early January, for like a dollar each, and giving them to relatives as late Christmas gifts.
So, the other day, my Aunt Gayle asked me to clean out her garage, and when I did it, I found all the Chia pets I had given her for the past ten years. I was pretty hurt, but decided that since she wasn't using them, I would take them and do something useful with them.
So then I had all these Chia pets on my hands. I got them started growing, but I already have three in my room. I didn't know what to do with them, but luckily my friend Fang Emerson came over and suggested that we return them to nature.
Over the past few days, we've been going around to parks and artistically adding a Chia pet to them...the hardest was the Chinese gardens. I thought we should add one, because there is something Chinese about Chia pets. Even the name sounds Chinese. Anyway, I went inside and then Fang threw them over the wall. We almost got caught, but I think it was worth it, because now there is a Chia Pet in a special part of the Chinese gardens.
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